Our Vision

“To continuously innovate for building a Synergistic Portfolio of Aviation and related businesses, thereby creating an Enduring Value for our Principals and to enhance Shareholder Returns.”

Group Concorde serves as an Aviation specialist. With a long term vision and a strategy focused approach, Group Concorde has emerged as a General Sales Agent (GSA) carrying Domain Expertise and Synergy to add significant value to the Aviation and related businesses of our clients.

We aspire to spread and strengthen corporate ties across boundaries. Taking the advantage of our presence in multiple destinations helps us to penetrate deep into the market to understand the needs of our clients and thus, providing them with our expertise and quality services in a customized manner.

Our well-trained teams possess a good blend of market knowledge and leadership skills. Our wide database of customer network provides as an excellent “take-off” point for many Passenger and Cargo Airlines to enable an instant start-up.

Our Mission

Group Concorde aims to offer a customized and tailor made solution to Airlines in different markets of the world, focusing on marketing the brand, reducing cost and achieving targets for a better Customer Experience.